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I don't know if this is still a THING people use any more among us Jackals, but Richard A here (S1E7, "Vocational Wheel") and I wanted to let folks know that I'm currenty looking for employment in the NYC area. (Telecommute is okay, too, but I really prefer going into an office.) I've been a Community Lead for the last year with a local Fintech startup, and done stuff ranging from driving user growth, content curation, email newsletter design, blogging, managing social network profiles, Q/A, and even ordering snacks for the office.

You can find a résumé at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/502172/resume%20-%20richard%20j%20anderson.pdf

Thanks to my fellow Jackals for your support.


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Hi some thought following #87...

Is Persistence another, better, term for Grit?

Will Merlin give himself a break for having a short attention span durintt een years? we can check out late teenage male developement to show thats par for the course!

why does #87 not show in the wiki?

did you realise this text input box hides the text as you type at the end of the line so you miss about 5 characters ?

do questions such as these disuise my massive appreciation of the show!



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Another Back to Work! Time to put on the "That's Fine for Merlin" t-shirt, grab the Nice!™ almonds, and settle in for another weekly installment of my favorite podcast. Anything could come up - bathroom cleanliness, passive aggressive behavior patterns, flatiron steaks... the list goes on. One thing for sure - IT'S THE WAY OF THE FUTURE.


holy #*&(!

"... but we'd expect nothing else from Sir Ridley, who also goes on to drop a couple of tidbits about the sequel to Blade Runner.

'It is happening," confirms the director. "With Harrison Ford? I don't know yet. Is he too old? Well, he was a Nexus-6 so we don't know how long he can live.'

So there you have it; that's that debate put to rest."



How on earth did I let you folks sucker me into signing up for another such-and-such social site?

Didn't you promise me a free barka lounger or somethin'?

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